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Furness Show 4-12: Heidi Watney, Bobby Casper and Rob Rang

Furness Show 4-11: Uchenna Nwuosu, Greg Cosell and Brandon Sprague

Uchenna Nwuosu, Seahawks LB joins the show and is feeling pretty strong right now, following his rehab from a torn pec last season. He says Pete Carroll is a legend and it was sad to see him go. However he has many accolades to give the new coaching staff. We officially start the show, since we're thankful Uchenna Nwuoso for carving out some time. Thank you to Chris Crawford for doing an awesome job yesterday! It was great to see what the Mariners did yesterday. One game, this one in particular, actually meant more. Kaelen Deboer released a statement regarding the allegations against a UW running back. It sounds like he's passing the buck. Ian spent some great time yesterday with some upcoming stars in the sports indusrty. Greg Cosell, NFL Films joins the show to break down the linebacker class this year and who might fit the Seahawks best. He dives into each name one by one with deep analysis. Uchenna Nwuoso joined us earlier and gave us some insight on what this new coaching staff looks like to those who have been with the team under Pete Carroll. Brandon Sprague, 1080 The Fan joins to talk about Damien Martinez entering the transfer portal after being so angry when Jonathan Smith left for Michigan State. Plus, the things that are just flat out wrong with the NIL and college athletics.

Furness Show 4-10: Chris Crawford is in, Meg Rowley, Steve Palazzolo and Keith Law

Chris is excited to be here today, but he's conflicted by the disappointment that the Mariners have brought early on in this season. How patient can fans be with ownership and management? What's the concern level for the pitching staff right now, especially those expected to be the leaders? Meg Rowley, FanGraphs joins the show to give a realistic perspective on the Mariners right now. She puts the concern level at a 'medium' right now, but it's of note that nothing is going particularly well for any part of there game right now. Plus, some updates on what impact new changes in the game are having. Steve Palazzolo, Pro Football Focus details how much evaluation is happening at this point leading up to the NFL Draft. How much do the Seahawks need to draft defensive linemen as compared to offensive line? Steve tells us more about who the Seahawks might target and takes a deep dive into the defensive linemen available. Plus, who aren't we talking about? Keith Law, The Athletic joins to provide a realistic perspective on where the Mariners stand right now. He talks us off the ledge a bit. Elsewhere, Keith breaks down Jared Kelenic's hot start and what might make things difficult for him throughout this full season. He also gives us his lookout on the rest of the Mariners' season and the future of their youth.

Furness Show 4-9: Best Team vs Best Player, Donald Watts, Bobby Casper, Mariners, DPP, Gary Parrish.

The two best teams in the country won the women's and men's NCAA tournaments this year, and the difference between 1-2 was quite apparent.   Donald Watts joins to give us insight on the future of college basketball as we wrap up the season. Watts is appreciative of everything we got to see in both men's and women's basketball this year. He tells us what he saw Caitlin Clark do for the sport. Donald also gives us insight on new Washington State head coach David Riley. Finally, what Myles Rice means to WSU.   The NIL has changed the college game in ways we would've thought unfathomable in the past. Ian shares some memories.   Bobby Casper, CBS Golf Analyst joins to give us a preview of this year's masters, as well as how much the course has changed over the years. We're anticipating quite a lot of rain this year, so it'll be interesting to see how it affects the tournament. Is there a divide between those that chose to go with LIV and those who didn't? Bobby tells us who he likes out of those still chasing the green jacket.   How can we appropriately evaluate the Mariners as they stand at this point of the season? The Daily Power Play!   Gary Parrish, CBS Sports gives us a recap of the NCAA season that was, what made UConn successful throughout this season and what next year might look like. Between the women's and men's title games, those that didn't win had a star player, but not a star team. The best player on Purdue couldn't beat an entire great team in UConn.

Furness Show 4-8: Caitlyn Clark's Greatness, Molly Whop Monday, Daily Power Play.

Ian isn't happy with the 'message' coming from the Mariners, which is essentially to not care. People should care. We're not overly worried about certain players but the team should understand how people feel.   Zach Edey and Caitlin Clark have had their greatness questioned. Ian marvels at the commitment both made to their schools and looking ahead to what they might do in the future shouldn't change the way we look at their success while in college. Clark is already selling out arenas before she's even drafted.   Why is shade being thrown at women's basketball players by those that have been there before? Also, what needs will the Seahawks fulfill in the draft?   MOLLYWHOP MONDAY! Chris Crawford and Nathan Bishop join Ian to break down just how worried we should be about the Mariners after just 10 games. Pitching and defense dominates the conversation, plus, who are we worried about and who can we let slide for now.   The Daily Power Play! How legit is Shane Wright?   Congrats to the Sounders on a weekend. Ian has some numbers to provide some insight on the popularity of basketball as it compares to baseball, which is why the Mariners should be cognoscente of the fans' feelings. Caitlin Clark had some poignant comments following the loss to South Carolina. Dawn Staley gave her the credit she was due.

Furness Show 4-5: Women's BBall, Seahawks Draft Needs, Elise Woodward, Daily Power Play, Rob Rang.

Women's basketball has taken over the headlines, a change we've seen just this year. We are in store of an awesome night of basketball tonight in the women's final four, plus the men's tomorrow.   Joey Daccord was named the Kraken Masterton Trophy nominee and he is absolutely Ian's Seattle MVP this year.  As we look ahead to the draft, we revisit some insights from Greg Cosell to give us some ideas about what the Mike Macdonald Seahawks might do. We switch gears over to the offensive line and listen to Hugh Millen's 'state of the offensive line', which he describes at this point as a state of crisis.    Mariners need Logan Gilbert to be the guy tonight, especially considering his record since starting with the team. The NCAA can't get out of its own way and Caitlin Clark's press conference on a loading dock is a perfect example.   Elise Woodward joins Ian and starts with how sad it is to see the end of the Pac-12, as she played for UW when it was still the Pac-10. This is going to be a massive change for everyone. Elise discusses what a generational player Caitlin Clark is and why. Finally, she breaks down the matchups in the final four tonight.   Daily Power Play!    Ian is inching his way toward happy hour and looking ahead to the NHL Draft. 2:08 - Rob Rang, FOX Sports Draft Expert thinks the Seahawks will take offensive linemen early and often in this draft. He takes us deep into what Seattle could do with that position group depending on who's available and what they need.

Furness Show 4-4: Mariners struggles, Chris Crawford, Greg Cosell and Stewart Mandell

Ian is curious to see what the Seahawks do in this year's draft without Pete Carroll. We echo Chuck's sentiments this morning, that Seattle is chasing the next Michael Bennett - someone who could play anywhere on the defensive line. We pay tribute to Matt Thomas, the Seahawk former salary cap guru, who leaves the team after 11 years. The Mariners had a rough go of it yesterday and we take a listen to what Scott Servais had to say about it. Despite it being early, they are showing trends. Chris Crawford of My Oh Why and Rotoworld joins to give us quite a frank take on the Mariners start, with yesterday being one of the worst efforts he's seen since the John McLaren days. Outside of the lack of talent on defense, we're also seeing a lack of effort. It's understandable why fans are mad. The A's will be playing in Sacramento for the next three seasons and Ian blames ownership. It's sad to see them move. Greg Cosell, NFL Films joins as we inch closer and closer to the NFL Draft. He takes us through the interior defensive linemen available in the draft, a need the Seahawks absolutely need to address. Stewart Mandel, The Athletic joins us to break down the idea of an 80-team college league, which sounds more likely to happen than we've seen in the past. Sure, there will be resistance, so where would that come from? Ian breaks down what this could look like. Ian takes issue with the way the transfer portal operates right now, and it makes him an even bigger Caitlin Clark fan.

Furness Show 4-3: Hugh Millen, Steve Palazzolo, Mariners and WSU Hoops

The Mariners finished their 6th game of the season last night and already we're seeing red flags. Poor defense and lack of contact are already arising. Hugh Millen joins us to discuss just how big football has become, as we basically get it all year round. What improvements could we expect on the offensive line in the draft, as well as with the maturation of younger players? Plus, what can a good O-line coach do for the next generation in the trenches? How good could Oluwatimi be this season? Hugh stays with us to dive into the guard available in the draft and where the Seahawks would be most likely to fill those positions. Ian reacts to Hugh's thoughts on the Seahawks offensive line and how much stronger they have the potential to be this season. They certainly need a left guard this year and that needs to be a priority. Steve Palazzolo, Pro Football Focus stops by to give a quick reaction to the Mariners bad start today, being a former Mariner himself. Getting back to football, Steve tells us what he thinks of the Seahawks' O-line this year, what they're likely to do in the draft to fill those positions and the type of players he expects Seattle to covet. The Mariners are having a rough go of it today. Ian points out that the lines we're seeing on the ice for the Kraken right now show us that Dave Hakstol is not making the call. Ron Francis wants to see what the future holds. Washington State has a new head basketball coach in David Riley and he's looking like a phenomenal hire. Ian is surprised Angel Reese declared for the draft and wonders if the popularity we saw in women's basketball is sustainable.

Furness Show 4-2: Mariners, The Caitlyn Clark Effect, Alyssa Charlston, Gary Parrish.

The LSU vs. Iowa game in the WNCAA tournament showed how strong the star power is right now in Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese. The Mariners got a solid win last night and tonight we have a pretty amazing pitching matchup to look forward to. Scott Servais got defensive with a reporter last night and it was a tad early for that. The Kraken got lost in the mix, but a really great win.   Kim Mulkey had some great comments last night regarding Caitlin Clark - Ian revisits them while exploring the sustainability of the popularity we're seeing right now.   The Seahawks make a signing in former Colorado wide receiver Laviska Shenault Jr. We dive into a conversation about what the Seahawks will do at QB this year and why everyone is so high on Penix being here.   Alyssa Charleston, FOX 13 gives some reaction to Scott Servais' defensive attitude toward Aaron Levine last night, and in her opinion it shows a potential lack of confidence. What is it about Caitlin Clark that makes her so special? Alyssa says it's her court vision and it's apparent that she watches a TON of film. Is the popularity of women's popularity sustainable? Alyssa gives us her take, as well as who the next big phenom could be.   The NIL highest earners have Caitlin Clark at number four with $3.1, which is interesting that she'd effectively take a pay cut going to the WNBA. NIL does have a lot of benefits, but when you're 18-22 years old, it could have some detrimental effects.   The Daily Power Play! More of the future was on display last night for the Kraken and it provides some optimism for the future.   Gary Parrish, CBS Sports joins Ian to give an inside look at what we should watch for in the Final Four, as well as the Championship. DJ Burns and NC State prove that Cinderella exists, but it's likely we will see two number ones in the finals. The best part about this time of year is that anything is possible.

Furness Show 4-1: April Fools, Greg Cosell on QBs in Draft, Molly Whop, Daily Power Play, College Sports.

Anders already got GOT on April Fool's Day, but Ian shot it down immediately. We will not do fake news throughout this April 1st. Ian shares some memories of April 1st.   We are ready for NFL Draft season! Greg Cosell joined Ian on Friday to talk about the quarterbacks in the draft. How likely is it that Michael Penix Jr. is available at 16? We listen back to what Cosell had to say. Bo Nix impressed Greg with his football acumen. JJ McCarthy didn't impress as much on film, while having an above average arm, his accuracy wasn't top notch.    We tape a deep dive into what Michael Penix Jr. has to offer the Seahawks, should he be available. Greg says he's a special kid and an intriguing prospect. One of his biggest notes is that he's accountable to the system he's in, no matter where it may be.   Seattle teams are not offensively charged across all of the sports. We are surprised by some of the news coming out today and doing double takes considering it's April Fool's Day. Plus, some interesting news regarding college basketball coaching changes.   Mollywhop Monday! Chris Crawford and Nathan Bishop join Ian to break down the Mariners opening series. As much as Nate can be negative, he will give the Mariners credit for building their pitching staff, the proof is in the pudding when it comes to the offense. Chris weighs in on the DH position and both the guys weigh in on their concerns.   The Daily Power Play! The story of tonight's game is Shane Wright back in the lineup, plus the lines we'll see as they take on the Sharks.   The NCAA tournaments continue on in men's and women's hoops and it was big in Portland. Somehow, the dimensions of the floor were wrong for a premier game. We hear from Hailey Van Lith on the LA Times article and they way they characterized her teammates. Ian tell you why tonight's women's games are must-watch. Plus, why DJ Burns is one of the best things in college basketball right now.