12-7 H3: Mike & Mike Join, Plus Cross Talk

12-7 H2: Mariners Finances, VM’s, Fact or Fiction & Tweet of The Day

Puck and Jim were supposed to be joined by Maury Brown to discuss the Mariners finances, but he had to cancel ahead of the scheduled interview. The guys discuss that in reality nothing has changed for the Mariners, they’ve never taken the money to reinvest into the team. We play audio messages from listeners, Jim makes his pick in Fact or Fiction, and we have a new tweet of the day.

12-7 H1: Bench Jamal Adams

Pete Carroll spoke with the media yesterday, Pete said he'd talked to Jamal Adams about his weekend tweets and that "we don't want to be part of that.” Unfortunately, Jamal Adams doubled down on his comments by saying when they go low, he goes lower. Jamal clearly doesn’t care so should the Seahawks look to bench him for his actions? While Jim might be stuck on whether or not to bench Jamal or not, Jim is confident 12’s want him benched if not gone for good.

Talking NFL & Seahawks w/ Mike Garafolo

Mike Garafolo is back for his weekly visit! Mike shares his thoughts on if the Seahawks can get out of the contract w/ Jamal Adams, what's the latest news news regarding Dre Greenlaw and the Eagles security guard, is Aaron Rodgers going to play this season, and much more.

12-6 H3: Bill Krueger Joins, What’s Up w/ That & Cross Talk

Bill Krueger joins to talk about the Mariners and his charity, Rise Above and his celebrity long-drive at TopGolf this Monday. We also have a new drop regarding the Portal opening in College Football, it’s a free for all. We catch up with Ian Furness as he shares what he has planned for his show.

12-6 H2: Hugh Millen, VM’s, Fact or Fiction & Tweet of the Day

Hugh Millen joins for his weekly visit to discuss some college football and much more! We play a trio of audio messages from listeners; Puck makes his pick in Fact or Fiction & we have a new Tweet of the day!

12-6 H1: New Segment on Texas Football & Future of TV

How about those Longhorns, should Puck and Jim bring you a history on Texas Longhorn Football everyday heading up to the game versus the Huskies. Also, Puck explains the options available regarding the future of cable, option one is staying w/ Comcast, option two, drop Comcast and go to FUBO, option three and you drop Comcast and don’t have any sports. Plus, Jim explains the challenges of trying to get FUBO, and is persistent in staying w/ regular cable. Puck and Jim tie it back into the Mariners being CHEAP, as Scott Servais explained that their stuck regarding cash flow because of the deal w/Comcast.

Talking Ball w/Hugh Millen

Hugh Millen is back for his weekly visit to talk about college ball as the Huskies are prepping to take on the Texas Longhorns in the college football playoffs. Hugh shares his thoughts on Puck and Jim's idea about dropping history on Texas Longhorn football each day leading up to the game, plus much more.

Talking Mariners & Charity w/ Bill Krueger

Root Sports Analyst Bill Krueger joins the show to talk about how Mariners fans should feel about the recent moves the M's have made, if the rumors are true why are the M's looking at adding Randy Arozarena, and much more.

12-5 H3: Comcast Holding The M’s Back, F/A Class in MLB & Cross Talk

From the conversation earlier about why the Mariners won’t spend or can’t spend money because of the Comcast deal, so what are the Mariners going to do then? The Free Agent class isn’t all that, there’s not much that would be a significant upgrade. But Randy Arozarena name has been floated around to join the Mariners, but does he really fit for what the Mariners are trying to do?