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You will always remember where you were the day the Seattle Seahawks traded Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos. Tuesday, March 8. Where were you? It felt like we were destined for this outcome and still when it happened it felt surreal. it took me four different times to look at the words on twitter to make sense of what I was reading and to determine if it was real. It indeed was real and it's a seismic change in the Seattle sports landscape. 

I certainly was shocked that the Seahawks actually made the trade, but I was not surprised that he was traded. Ever since last year when Russell Wilson's agent on the advice of Wilson himself decided to go on the record of the teams that he wanted to be traded to if there were a trade, it just felt like his time was over. And, at every turn when he had the opportunity to truly put an end to all the trade madness he simply could not. He always used the word "plan" to be here. He never definitively said he doesn't want to be traded and at the end of the day he wanted to be traded. It bears being mentioned, Wilson had a no trade clause. He himself could have prevented such a move, but when he was presented a trade he jumped at the opportunity to leave Seattle after 10 wonderful seasons. I wish Russell Wilson the best moving forward and every fan should thank him for what he did on and off the field. But, since I was a kid going to Seahawks games with my Dad and sitting in the 300 level at the Kingdome. I will always root for the name on the front of the jersey and never for the name on the back. Players come and go. Loyalty to your team never fades. 

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