H4: 6-17 Seahawks One Series, ABCs of the Mariners and one last thing.

H3: 6-17 Mariners talk, One series recap and Tyler Locklear

Mariners talk - Was this a statement weekend for this Mariners team? - Now we wait to see how things open up approaching the trade deadline - Bucky remembers Mike Brumley :30- Seahawks One Series recap: we revisit our conversation with Hawkblogger about Tre Brown How does he see Woolen, Brown and Witherspoon working together in Mik MacDonald’s defense? :45- Chuck caught up with Tyler Locklear in the Mariners clubhouse on Saturday

H2: 6-17 Headlines and a Mariners sweep! Bryson wins the US Open and Ryan Bliss.

Headlines and a Mariners sweep! :30- Bryson Dechambeau wins the US Open- has he become more likeable? :45- Chuck got to catch up with Ryan Bliss in the clubhouse on Saturday.

H1: 6-17 Fathers Day and a Mariners Sweep! Mariners Morning After and Coach Bucky.

How was Bucky’s Father’s Day? The Mariners sweep the Rangers, let’s scat!!! The M’s are now 8.5 games up in the division :30- Mariners Morning After- Logan Gilbert and his goatee delivered 8 innings of shutout baseball and the Mariners took advantage of some mistakes to cruise to a 5-0 win and a sweep of the Rangers. :45- Coach Bucky- - Bucky’s Green Cobras finish the season undefeated, must be the coaching. - What would Coach Bucky tell the Green Cobras about someone like Josh Rojas and what he has done for this Mariners team? - The US Open- did DeChambeau take it or did McIlroy blow it?

H4: 6-14 Kyle Peterson, Bucky's X's and O's and Booze News!

Kyle Peterson joins us ahead of the start of College World Series in Omaha :30- Bucky’s X’s and O’s- it’s all about the green box. :45- We close out the week with Booze News!

H3: 6-14 The Ocho, One Series recap and the 3 R's.

We cover the 8 top stories of the week in the OCHO US Open Day 2 Mariners fall short of White Sox sweep CWS starts today Florida is just one win away from the Stanley Cup Could both finals end in sweeps? Calder Cup Finals begin tonight The Seahawks finally begin their offseason Sounders host Minnesota :30- One Series recap-we revisit Joe Cook’s comments on if Byron Murphy II can flourish at the NFL level :45- The Three R’s – Raleigh, Robert and Rangers

H2: 6-14

Headlines and Gregg Bell (Tacoma News Tribune) joins us for one more 12th Man News update as the Seahawks head into their official offseason. :30- Seahawks One Series: Brian Nemhauser aka Hawkblogger joins us to give us his insight on the expectations for Tre Brown this season. :45- ABCs of the Mariners - F: is for fatherhood - G: is for Goo

H1: 6-14

The Mariners made a big picture decision yesterday and slotted Emerson Hancock into Luis Castillo’s scheduled start, opting to bring their aces against the Rangers this weekend. What did we think of the decision? We are ok with it and they almost pulled it off! :30- Mariners Morning After- Hancock holds the White Sox to 2 runs and Mariners magic was alive again in the 9th inning, but fell short in the 10th as the Mariners lose to the Sox 3-2. They win the series, and that’s the goal every time! :45- Booze Clues! We have WA Brewers Fest tickets to give away, so we play a little game of Booze Clues!

H4: 6-13 Beat Bucky, Seahawks One Series and One Last Thing.

Beat Bucky- can Bucky beat our listener Scott at his favorite game? :30- Seahawks One Series: Joe Cook (Inside Texas & On3Sports) helps us get to know Seahawks rookie, Byron Murphy II. :45- We close out this Thursday show with one last thing.

H3: 6-13 One Series recap with Hugh Millen, Angie Mentink and everyone loves Luke!

Seahawks One Series recap- we revisit our conversation with Hugh Millen on DK Metcalf and what he expects for the star wide receiver. :30- Angie Mentink (ROOT Sports) joins us to talk about this Mariners team and the moxie of Luke Raley. :45- Luke Raley is making a name for himself on this Mariners team. Loved by teammates and fans for his hustle, grit and more; has he become the identity of this team?