H1: 7-8 We're back together! Mariners Morning After and Coach Bucky.

Chuck is back and we are all together!

4th of July fun was NOT had by all!

Ok, we can’t avoid the Mariners topic any longer- what the eff is going on? The Mariners have now lost 6 straight series and have a massive inability to do the small things, like bring runners in.

:30- Mariners Morning After- The M’s left the bases loaded in the 8th, 9th and 10th innings yesterday and walk away with a 5-4 L.

:45- Coach Bucky

- If Coach Bucky had the opportunity to coach the Mariners for 1 day, what would he work on?

- The Julio graze- should he have pretended he didn’t get grazed on the elbow?

- What is the 4th of July go-to dessert?

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