H4: 6-18 Green Jacket ceremonies and Kudos to Servais! Aiyuk's unhappy & br

It’s time to hand out some hardware- Ashley has won two green jackets and Kidd is nowhere in sight…

It’s time to give Scott Servais some credit- the decision to swap Hancock in on Castillo’s start against the White Sox proved to be a very good one.

Will we see this more in the future to buy the starting rotation just a little more rest?

:30- Brandon Aiyuk released a video on his TikTok of a conversation with Jayden Daniels telling him the 49ers don’t want him, buuuut that’s not really true.

The 49ers have made numerous offers and had numerous conversations, but it’s not JJ money, so Aiyuk is pouting.

We have some breaking news- Ty France is back and Seby Zavala has been DFA’d.

:45- It’s One Last Thing time to close out the show.

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