H4: 6-12 US Open Green Jacket Draft and Seahawks Head Coach, Mike MacDonald

Green Jacket Draft- US Open

Christopher Kidd joins the show as we draft our foursomes for the US Open.

Can anyone beat Scottie Scheffler? Will Kidd’s strategy to return to Schauffele pay off? Only time will tell!

:30- Seahawks Head Coach Mike MacDonald joins the show and sits down with Chuck and Buck for the first time since being hired.

We start off getting to know Coach, turns out he’s a big golf fan and grew up playing baseball.

MacDonald is being credited for creating a new defense; what is it about football that makes him not be able to get enough of it?

Where was the fabric of his coaching philosophy born?

Being a head coach hasn’t always been his goal, but what challenges and thrills has he faced so far?

His keys to getting everyone to buy in and be on the same page.

What impressions have his QBs made so far?

On Ryan Grubb

DK Metcalf’s “next level” and impressions of DK- is MacDonald no nonsense?

Ken Walker and the running back room?

On the pass rush- there aren’t a lot of changes in the front 7; does he believe he can get what he wants out of the guys he’s inherited?

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