H1: 6-11 Mariners walk it off, Mariners Morning After and Hurley rejects th

The Mariners rally late and Cal walks it off for an 8-4 win.

There were a lot of heroes before Cal stepped to the plate in the 9th though.

Haniger’s single and Raley’s bunt in the 8th must be talked about; there’s definitely a discussion to be had for the biggest play of the night.

:30- Mariners Morning After- drama at T Mobile Park as the Mariners stage a comeback down 4 in the 8th and Cal walks it off with a Grand Slam.

:45- Was the Lakers offer to Hurley too soft? Dan Hurley turns down the Lakers head coaching job to return to UConn.

We kept hearing that the Lakers were going to make a big offer, but in the end, was it underwhelming?

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