H2: 6-7 Headlines and One Series, ABCs of the Mariners and the NBA Finals.

Headlines and Seahawks One Series: Jacson Bevens (Cigar Thoughts) joins us to give us his thoughts on the impact Jaxon Smith-Njigba will have in Ryan Grubb’s new system.

:30- ABCs of the Mariners

- P: is for paper tiger- Chuck got a tweet from a listener suggesting that this team doesn’t have a lot of substance and the record isn’t reflective of what’s actually happening.

- P: is also for pitching- that’s the key and the offense is still a work in progress. Because the pitching is so good, this is not a fraudulent record, they can make up for offensive deficiencies.

- Q: is for quiet- it is disturbing how quiet the Oakland Coliseum is

- R: is for Robert- the rumors are heating up!

- S: is for stories- we check the textline for some made up games

:45- The NBA Finals are underway and despite a relatively easy win, Boston still got criticized.

The influx of international players is elevating American sports. Who will be the next player to catch our eye?

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