H3: 6-6 Mariners lose, what's next? Grubb's impact on Geno and NBA playoffs

The Mariners lose to the A’s and a lot of things went into it, including a lack of effort, questionable managerial decisions and more.

Bucky just wants tough ABs and full speed running. A lack of effort and execution makes a loss feel even worse.

There’s something missing and the time is now- Luis Robert or Vlad Jr; we’ll take either one, but there may be more upside to Robert.

Between the two, both would be great additions, but Robert seems to make the most sense, despite his red flags; especially when the contracts are considered.

:30- We revisit our conversation with Coach Holmgren on Geno Smith and how Ryan Grubb will impact him.

How much of UW’s success was the players and not the scheme?

:45- The NBA playoffs start tonight, so we take a look at our NBA Playoff Green Jacket teams and get some updates.

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