H2: 6-6 Headlines and One Series, ABCs of the Mariners and Auriemma weighs

Headlines and Seahawks One Series: David Furones (Miami Sun Sentinel) joins us to discuss Seahawks newcomer Jerome Baker, who he describes as a natural leader.

:30- ABCs of the Mariners

- M: is for Munoz- Munoz spoke to the media yesterday afternoon, saying he is feeling better and his back soreness is just something he’s going to have to manage. Servais said he will probably get 2 to 3 days off.

- N: is for neglectful- the allstar ballots came out yesterday and lots of fans will vote for their favorites and not the people who actually deserve it.

- O: is for opportunity- was it missed opportunity last night with the tying run on base and 0 outs in the 9th and Bliss still in the dugout and not pinch running?

:45- Geno Auriemma speaks out on the treatment of Caitlin Clark in the WNBA, saying she is being unfairly targeted.

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