H3: 6-5 Mariners bullpen concerns, Angie Mentink and the Caitlin Clark conv

Finally, middle-aged white men catch a break! We give them full hat authority; they’ve earned it.

Munoz proves how fragile this bullpen actually is. Any significant missed time could have a major impact on this team, so what now?

We hold over the L from our ABCs and L is for Logan Evans- could he be fast-tracked to the majors? There’s rumors that he could join the bullpen as a reliever before the all-star break.

A three-man rotation can get you through the playoffs- could you add Kirby and Miller to the Pen for a playoff run? You should get to use at least one of your starters in relief mode.

:30- Angie Mentink (ROOT Sports) makes her weekly visit to give her thoughts on Andres Munoz’s injury, Kirby’s pitching and Ty France’s improved hitting.

:45- Caitlyn Clark- the conversation continues as the WNBA struggles to deal with it’s superstar.

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