H3: 5-30

Steven Souza Jr joins the show to talk about this Mariners team- is the way their winning sustainable?

:30- The charges against Scottie Scheffler have been dropped in Louisville- but did the situation rob golf fans of the chance to see a grand Slam on the PGA Tour this year?

:45- Mariners Trade Grid- Part II

- Kyle Tucker- if the Astros slide continues, would Tucker be available? Free agent after 2025 season, but it will cost a lot, not prohibitive, but it’s a significant commitment. The trade package would be big as would his salary.

- Bregman might also be an option- free agent after this year. Will cost much less

- Two options from Tampa Bay- Yondy Diaz/Isaac Paredes- money is insignificant, but the trade package would be costly

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