H2: 5-29

Headlines and the LeBron/Bronny conversation.

Bronny James is staying in the NBA draft with rumors swirling of manipulating the draft and questions about how ready he really is.

But, if it’s all rumors and nothing comes from it, other than Bronny getting drafted late, then do we actually have a problem with it or is it just LeBron hate?

:30- Chuck has assembled a Mariners trade grid-

- Ryan McMann (Rockies)- will he actually be available? Current reports say no. Contract- 4 yrs/$56 mill, trade package shouldn’t be significant

- Pete Alonso (Mets)- available? Should be soon. Free agent at end of the year- cost prohibitive, doesn’t make a lot of sense

- Jazz Chisolm- available? possible… but, 4 more years of club control. Incredible talent, but unlikeable. You would most likely have to give up a lot in a trade.

:45- Reckless at Breakfast

Chuck maps out the future of college football as a 40-team minor league for the NFL.

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