H4: 5-24 Chuck's Trade X's and O's, Mike Curto and Booze News.

Chuck’s Trade X’s and O’s

Taylor Ward- doesn’t cost you a lot nor prohibit you from making other moves

Isaac Paredes & Jason Adams- TB looks like they’ll be selling- will cost Ford or Locklear and RP as well

(Randy Arozarena- Chuck has been big on him in the past, but he’s struggling this year. Difficult to get along with. Could he improve by deadline? Has a reputation for coming up big in big moments, so he’s not off Chuck’s list entirely)

Vlad Guerrero Jr- Toronto is looking more and more like sellers- it will cost you

Ryan McMann- Rockies 3rd baseman with 4 more years on his deal- add in Justin Lawrence RP

Louis Robert- on IL with the White Sox, so you wait for him to get healthy. Not a great Clubhouse guy, questionable effort off the field.

:30- Mike Curto (Tacoma Rainiers) joins the show ahead of KJR’s Rainiers Night!

:45- We close out the weekend and head into a Holiday weekend with Booze News!

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