H2: Headlines and Gregg Bell, M's lose in New York and Ant's honesty.

Headlines and Gregg Bell (Tacoma News Tribune/933KJR) joins us to give the latest from OTAs and what he’s seeing from Mike Macdonald and Ryan Grubb so far.

:30- Mariners are scheduled to play this morning at 9:35, but heavy rain in New York could delay things.

The lineup is out and Scott looks to be shaking things up, with Julio moved down to 6th in the order. He isn’t producing, so the move makes sense and hopefully it wakes him up.

Would you want Vlad Guerrero Jr on the Mariners? The Blue Jays are struggling and could be sellers at the deadline. What is his value right now?

You could have Vlad for 2 postseason runs, versus Pete Alonso, for only one postseason run.

:45- Ant Edwards admitted that he and the Timberwolves were tired after their loss to the Mavs last night.

Why do we have a problem with athletes being honest? Isn’t that what we want?

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