H2: 5-22 Mariners win at Yankee Stadium... again! ABCs of the Mariners and

The M’s get another win at Yankee Stadium!

Dylan Moore logs 2 home runs and 4 RBI and was played the most proficient 2nd base this season.

Was Rojas tipping Schmidt’s pitches?

:30- ABCs of the Mariners

- G: is for gulp- who didn’t gulp when they saw Cal Raleigh making that play on the foul ball near all that Yankee equipment? How did he do that an avoid injury?

- H: is for Hustle. Hustle is a talent and Luke Raley has it- he runs everything out.

- I: is for imaginary. Is Jorge Polanco still on this team or did we imagine him? We aren’t giving up on him, but will he be back in the lineup soon?

- J: is for Jammie Johnson- you don’t want none of that.

:45- Reckless at Breakfast- who would we want to be in charge of a Bachelor Party?

Softy tops the list, but we have some disagreements on the bottom half of the list.

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