H3: 5-20 Mariners lose 2 of 3, ABCs of the M's and Kraken Coaching search c

Golf sure goes out of it’s way to make each round equally fair for everyone… baseball doesn’t work like that.

Mariners lost 2 out of 3, but it actually might have been closer than it seemed. There isn’t as much separating these teams as it seems.

Mariners need to be looking for an offensive weapon to add to this lineup and they don’t need to wait for the trade deadline.

:30- ABCs of the Mariners

- A: is for Acta, Manny has had some tough calls over at 3rd base. What did we think of his decision to send Cal yesterday?

- B: is for bullpen- does Scott not care who goes in once the team is down a run or two?

- C: is for challenge- did Scott make a mistake by not challenging the double play call?

:45- Rod Brind ‘amour signs an extension with Carolina, taking him out of the running as the Kraken’s head coach.

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