H4: 4-26 Mike Holmgren, ABCs of the Mariners and Booze News!

Mike Holmgren joins the show to give his thoughts on the Seahawks draft, including what he thought they were going to do.

How doe she feel about the 6 QBs taken in the first 12 picks?

ABCs of the Mariners

- L: is for La Piedra, which actually means the Stone, not the Rock…

- M: is for Matey… tonight we take on the Diamondbacks and our old matey, Eugenio Suarez at 3rd base. Rojas and Urias are outperforming him this season…

- N: is for newcomers. There's a lot of newcomers on the team, but Polanco and Garver are struggling the most.

We wrap up the week with Booze News and deep thoughts from the NFL Draft.

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