H1: 4-24 How about those Mariners?

How about those Mariners?

The M’s got a shutout victory in Texas despite Logan Gilbert not having his strongest stuff.

Cal continues to hit dingers and Julio gets HR #1, did he open the flood gates?

BREAKING NEWS- Reggie Bush is getting his Heisman back

Mariners Morning After

HIGHLIGHT: Julio’s 1st HR

SOUND BYTE: Julio postgame

TONIGHT: Miller vs Grey

Stocking Stuffers

- Vikings, Patriots and Broncos, oh my!

- How high will the Vikings go to get a QB?

- Raiders asked the Commanders what they want for the 2nd pick- they were shot down.

- Eagles are looking to move up for the CB of their dreams; Seahawks at 16 could be the right fit

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