STOVE: Free Agent Predictions Part 3

Part 3. Free agents 11-15 (not my rankings). Free agent predictions (my predictions). Mariners level of interest (why you're reading)...


- Quietly, Stroman may have pieced together the best year of his career in 2021. And after accepting a Qualifying Offer a year ago, he's looking for a longer commitment.

Where I think he'll sign: Angels

Runner up: Mets

Don't rule out: Padres

Chances Stroman becomes a Mariner: slight


- Analysts have been predicting Marte's decline for years. But at age 33, the late bloomer is coming off arguably the best year of his career (308/381/456). Perhaps because he's built like a Strong Safety, organizations are reluctant to trust millions on a previous PED violator. But if he's legit, then he's legit. You feelin' me?

Where I think he'll sign: Tigers. Detroit is going to spend this offseason, and spend on offense. They'll make a run at Correa & others higher on this list, but may ultimately have to overpay for a guy like Marte.

Runner up: Phillies

Don't rule out: Brewers

Chance Marte becomes a Mariner: Not. Good. 


- Castellanos is a legitimate offensive star (6th in MLB in OPS last year). And if MLB institutes the universal-DH (which I fear is inevitable), his defensive shortcomings won't have to haunt his new team. And the personality? Well, dude is confident. We'll leave it at that.

Where I think he'll sign: Nationals. I have nothing to back up that Washington intends to be a major player in free agency, after salary-dumping at the 2021 deadline. But if they don't jump back into contending waters soon, the Nats run the risk of entering the "Trout Dilemma"--being accused of wasting the best years of one the game's best players (Juan Soto).

Runner up: Miami. Depends how serious the Marlins are about contending in 2022. Based on how great they're young pitching is, they should be very serious. But it's Miami. You never know.

Don't rule out: Tigers. He seemed to like Detroit, and Detroit seemed to like him. And now that the Tigers are willing to spend, and spend on bats, I could see a homecoming. 

Chances Castellanos becomes a Mariner: Not in the cards.


- Schwarber's HR tear in Washington this year showed what he's capable of with a bat. His time in Boston showed what he's incapable of with a glove. But Schwarber has plus-power, a great eye and won't demand what Castellanos is going to cost you--traits Jerry Dipoto covets. So yah, I'm saying there's a chance.

Where I think he'll sign: Blue Jays. Like they need the help.

Runner up: Yankees. Perfect for the ballpark.

Don't rule out. Nationals. He did play the best baseball of his career during his short time in Washington.

Chances Schwarber becomes a Mariner: Not out of the question.


- Just when the world (including the White Sox) was ready to give up on Rodon, he reminded us why he was taken with the third overall pick in the 2014 draft. Rodon was not only snapping off his famous slider this year, dude was throwing 100 MPH. Seriously, WTF? Whoever signs the lefty runs the risk that he just finished the first/last/only healthy season of his career, but someone WILL spend big.

Where I think he'll sign: White Sox 

Runner up: Angels

Don't rule out: Mets. Because it's so them.

Chances Rodon becomes a Mariner: They'll reach out. Won't go anywhere. Mariners are in a great position this offseason, too good to invest millions in someone with this type of injury history. 

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