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He's not well liked (I think it's that he reminds people of A-Rod), but he is very good. Correa's 7.2 WAR led all position players who didn't also pitch. Defensively, he gets better every year. A trip to New York in early November has people talking about a marriage with the Yankees. It's definitely a good match, but there's another SS on the market who makes even more sense for the Pinstripers.

Chances Correa becomes a Mariner: Low

My prediction: Cubs (who I expect to spend this offseason)

Runner up: Yankees

Don't rule them out: Tigers (who are finished rebuilding themselves)


We're all waiting for Seager to enjoy some long-term health. As it stands, the 27-year old hasn't played more than 134 games since 2017. A shift to 3B is probably in his future, but he's likely not signing anywhere that doesn't let him play SS, initially. The Yankees need a SS, and they need left-handed bats to balance out a lineup overloaded on the right side (Judge, Stanton, LaMahieu, Torres & Sanchez), which is why I say they sign Seager over Correa. And if they're game, he and brother Kyle might land somewhere together.

My prediction: Yankees

Runner up: Cubs

Don't rule them out: Nationals

Chances Seager becomes a Mariner: Less than zero.


The former MVP re-established himself as a star just in time for free agency. His ability and willingness to play numerous positions in 2021 makes him a fit for nearly every team in baseball. Another reason why Bryant could land anywhere is that Scott Boras is his agent, meaning he'll take the highest offer (even though he's denied that Boras will control his decision). He wept openly after leaving the Cubs. He could return. And speaking of returning, the Giants are reportedly of a mind to add $100-million to their payroll this offseason. Bryant has to be a target.

My prediction: Giants

Runner up: Mariners

Don't rule them out: Rangers

Chances Bryant becomes a Mariner: Good. Bryant can play 3rd base, center or left field for the M's. He'd also give the organization a bonafide clean-up hitter. The Mariners can easily sell him on the direction the organization is heading, but they have to step up and pay top-dollar to satisfy Bryant's (boss) agent.


Scherzer is 37, but Dave Roberts is the only person in the world who detects signs of him slowing down. He might just win another Cy Young Award (his fourth) for his 2021 performance. He stands to make top dollar, and will undoubtedly sign with a contender, making the usual large-market suspects the favorites for his services.

My prediction: Dodgers. (I happen to think Kershaw is going to leave LA)

Runner up: Giants

Don't rule them out: Nationals

Chances Scherzer becomes a Mariner: Next to none.


Another SS. It was so bizarre to see Colorado keep him at the deadline this past year. They coveted the draft pick compensation over any package they were offered, apparently. Story could move positions for the right team, but I'm guessing he plays SS for one of the two franchises from his home state.

My prediction: Rangers

Runner up: Astros

Don't rule them out: Cardinals (reuniting with his good buddy Nolan Arenado)

Chances Story becomes a Mariner. Decent. But he'd have to be willing to move to 2nd or 3rd. JP Crawford is Seattle's SS.

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