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Brock Purdy's Future Could Be Backup Quarterback if 49ers Lose Super Bowl

Colin Cowherd: “I saw a stat that was interesting. Five of the eight playoff quarters for Brock Purdy have not been good, and they’ve been a favorite and have been at home. Brock Purdy’s rate of negatively-graded dropbacks in the playoffs has been 23%. That’s BAD. That would have been the worst in the NFL of any quarterback with 200+ dropbacks. He’s been BAD in the playoffs, he’s just had a couple great late drives.
Mahomes, who had a much, much lower and very good 'negative dropback' rate, it’s been even better in the playoffs. It’s like 6% to Purdy’s 23%, and Mahomes has gone on the road twice. Green Bay and Detroit’s defense, I mean, one is crap and the other one is average. Buffalo’s defense and Baltimore’s defense is much better than Green Bay and Detroit. Mahomes, against much better defenses and on the road has almost no negative dropbacks. Almost none.
Purdy at home against bad defenses has an egregiously bad negative dropback rate. This Kansas City defense is elite. If Purdy struggles and really coughs it up, could you argue Kyle Shanahan goes: ‘he got outplayed for three quarters by Love, outplayed by two and a half quarters by Goff, was lousy in the Super Bowl...’ -- that Sam Darnold would go into camp battling Purdy and whoever played better would win that job?
If I was a Niners fans, I’d be concerned with Andy Reid and Steve Spagnuolo getting two weeks to prepare. Purdy in rain struggled, on the road he wasn’t as good, big games he’s been a tad tight... People have more film, they’ve got a lot now on Brock. Brock Purdy moving is essential because it doesn’t matter how much film you have, if you can move, you can move, and you don’t know when it’s coming.
If I was facing Purdy, I would crowd Deebo, take away the bubble screens, be prepared for them, and don’t let him run. Stop the run, take your chances with Aiyuk over the top. I don’t think San Francisco is going to generate a ton of offense.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy could have his career on the line this Sunday in Super Bowl LVIII, as Colin believes Purdy could permanently lose his cushy starting QB job with the 49ers if he has a bad game vs. a potent Kansas City Chiefs defense. 

Check out the segment above as Colin says he doesn’t trust the 24-year-old former ‘Mr Irrelevant’ to reverse a revealing trend of poor play during his second postseason.  

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