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Colin Cowherd: Sean Payton Has Saved Russell Wilson's Career

Colin Cowherd: “Sean Payton’s number one job when he took over Denver beyond just winning games was fixing Russell Wilson. Whatever you think of Russell Wilson, he has done that. It took awhile, it took seven or eight games, but he’s done that. Russell Wilson is number two in the NFL in TD/INT ratio, number four in passer rating. He’s moving well, he’s lateraling, he’s making plays... That pass to Courtland Sutton was the number one play in the league this year – the most improbable completion of the year according to NextGen stats. He used to give you about three a game in Seattle, now he gives you one about every two weeks, but Russell Wilson is back. I’m not saying top 4 back, I’m not saying top 6 back—the o-line is not good enough to give him great time, when they do he hit Jerry Jeudy for 19 yards. This was the number one job, ‘Where Colin Was Right’. Russell wasn’t washed. He may not be what he was—it feels like I may be getting 75-80% of Seattle in his prime, but he needed a competent head coach. I am now getting a play-maker. The laterals and I’m occasionally getting the brilliant throw to Courtland Sutton. What you’re seeing with Denver is what you’re not seeing in Buffalo—a really well-coached team. Sean Payton took over a defense that was under-performing, got rid of some older guys and played younger guys—pretty darn good. Has beat the Chiefs and Bills back-to-back and are creating turnovers. He had a quarterback who looked completely washed but he’s not washed. Right now Russell Wilson is playing relative to what he has left in the tank, which is about 80% of it. It doesn’t feel quite as twitchy, quite as electric, but I got like five laterals, he was good on third-down, he had one great throw, when he got protection he hit Jerry Jeudy deep. Remember, Denver does not have a star receiver, they don’t have a star tight end, don’t have a star on the offensive line... I like Javonte Williams a lot but he’s not Breece Hall. They don’t have a star in that offense. That star right now is their coach, and sometimes that is the star. For a long time in Andy Reid’s career, he was the star of the offense until he got Mahomes. What Sean Payton is doing is REAL coaching. He had a job, and beyond wins, we gotta get Russell Wilson right. We gotta get him good enough that if you wanted to move off him, you could get a pick. Right now Russell Wilson is not a top 5 quarterback, but go look at the numbers... Completion percentage, touchdown/interception rate, 4th in NFL passer rating. Right now he’s playing like a top 10 guy. He’s not making the mistakes of Josh Allen, he’s not fumbling like Lamar Jackson, and he’s not losing you games.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he’s finally buying into Sean Payton’s rebuild of the Denver Broncos after the Nathaniel Hackett catastrophe last season, and why he thinks Payton has resurrected Russell Wilson as a top 10 quarterback. 

Check out the segment above as Colin details why Payton is the only ‘star’ on that offense, and perhaps pulling off his best coaching job of his career.

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