WATCH: Superfan: A documentary about Mark Collins and "Save Our Seahawks"

How far would you go to save what you love? "Superfan" is the amazing and emotional true story about Mark Collins, a die-hard fan who fought back against a billionaire owner and gave everything to keep the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. Mark formed the grassroots group "Save Our Seahawks" to keep the team from being moved to Los Angeles in 1996. After enduring tremendous personal and financial sacrifices to save his team, he faced an even greater challenge - saving his wife in her battle with lung cancer.

This moving and emotional story is told through interviews with Seahawks legendary superfan Mama Blue, radio host and author Mike Gastineau, comedian Rod Long, Dean Olsby and Mark Collins himself.

Written, directed, shot, cut and narrated by Norb "NorbCam" Caoili.

A NorbCam/Quantum Production

Executive Producer Tom Wright Cinematographers Mike Lorrain, Ben Ibale, Mike Wear The Save Our Seahawks Team: Mark Collins, Dean Olsby, Mama Blue, Mike Gastineau, Rod Long, Mick McHugh, Bev Hauptli, Vinnie "New York" Richichi, Paul Jellison, Cindy Olsby, Juan Cotto

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