Kraken salute Ironmen with new "reverse retro" jersey, starting Nov. 13

Photo: Seattle Kraken (illustration by 93.3 KJR-FM)

The Seattle Kraken will get new duds added to their game jersey rotation, in a new primary shade of blue, and backed up by a treasure chest full of history. 

On Thursday, the team announced a specialty “reverse retro” jersey, scheduled to be worn in four games this season, as part of a jersey program announced simultaneously with every National Hockey League team and jersey manufacturer, Adidas. 

Though in just their second season as an NHL franchise, the Kraken will wear the ice blue base jersey, combined with a deep navy trim in similar pattern and as a tribute to one team that will earn plenty of attention - the Seattle Ironmen, according to

The Kraken will debut the jersey for game action on Sunday, Nov. 13 in a 5:00pm PT home game against the Winnipeg Jets, and will wear them again on Dec. 3 against the Florida Panthers, Dec. 30 against the Edmonton Oilers, and Feb. 23 against the Boston Bruins. 

Etched in the game’s Puget Sound fabric with storied texture as significant as the Metropolitans, Thunderbirds, Totems, Breakers, and Silvertips, the Ironmen were an eight-year franchise in the foundation of Seattle’s hockey history, playing from 1944 until 1952 in the Pacific Coast Hockey League. 

Originally named the Isaacson Ironmen while competing in the Northwest Industrial Hockey League toward the end of World War II and the 1943-44 season, teams were routinely sponsored by employment in the war industry, and players suited up on a moonlighting basis – they were routinely employed in those industries. 

The PCHL, who operated as a pro league with its Metropolitans winning the Stanley Cup in 1917, was brought back as a semi-professional circuit with the Ironmen upgraded from amateur status. 

The Ironmen, with an all-time record of 239-211-41 and also known as tough and hard-nosed bunch as the “Bad Men of the Pacific Coast,” at one point put up 1,200 penalty minutes in just 66 games during 1947-48, far and away leading the league. They also earned a league high 42 wins that year, and brought in several future NHL mainstays, including legendary Philadelphia Flyers head coach Fred Shero. 

The franchise joined the Western Hockey League in 1952, renamed as the Bombers, who then took on the Americans moniker for three seasons before taking on the Totems name six years later. 

The Kraken reverse retro jersey prominently displays a two-tone blue colored approach, in similar to the structure of the Ironmen sweaters who also bore an “S” for their crest. 

As growing tradition with the deep-sea creature and its ominous red eye, the jersey is strategically designed with the logo’s eye peeking above the navy surface. 

The Kraken will put their franchise’s main logo at the front, using classic block numbering and lettering on the sleeves and back. 

Fans can pre-order the reverse retro jersey here

A full look at all 32 teams and their reverse retro jersey concepts are here.

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