Happy Oregon Hate Week with Softy Key's


Some say using the word "hate” to describe a college football rivalry is too much. That it's classless and unprofessional. Well, nobody has ever accused me of being a pro OR being classy, so why even bother at this point?


Those are the two words I would use the most to describe my feelings for Oregon Football. Hey great, they’re 20-6 against UW since 1994. Hey great, they’ve played in a BCS Title game and a Final Four. They’ve got a Heisman winner. They’ve won Rose Bowls... blah, blah, blah. Good for them! You know wat? WHENEVER I want, I can go into the Husky Hall of Fame and stare at a National Title Trophy (sure, it's 31 years old!) and THAT PISSES OFF Oregon fans that they can't do the same!

So, even in years like this, where UW is a huge underdog and playing on the road, the idea of keeping Oregon from having any idea what it's like to wake up and see their team at #1 in the country motivates me. Call me petty, whatever. Fine. Don’t care. Like I said at the top: SCREW THEM!!

UW is going to have to play lights out tomorrow to get this done. Few keys for me:

1) Ryan Grubb needs to find a way to pass the ball AND chew time off the clock at the same time.

2) The Husky Defense has got to start forcing some turnovers, something they haven’t done consistently all year and haven’t done at all since the ASU game.

3) UW needs to TACKLE! No missed tackles, no overruns, no missed gaps. Oregon will likely be able to find the second level rather easily tomorrow, so guys like Eddie Ulofoshio, Asa Turner and Alex Cook have got to make sure 4 yard runs don’t turn into 10 yards.

4) Huskies have to make Oregon look like what they are: A bad passing defense that cant get off the field on 3rd down. The Ducks are 126th in the Nation in 3rd down defense. If UW cant keep drives alive, against these guys, forget it!

Intensity will be high, my blood pressure will skyrocket, and either way, I’m going to be crying. Either because UW shut those loudmouths up for at least one more year, or because 6-20 in the last 26 just became 6-21 in the last 27.


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