San Juan Seltzer July 4th Recipes: Sweet & Sour Meatballs

This week, Softy and Dick Fain are welcoming listeners to share their best Fourth of July recipes and one entry will receive $50 to the San Juan Seltzery. Join the fun by emailing your recipe and photos of the dish to

Today, Jerrad Lacey shared a recipe for sweet and sour meatballs, which as he says is very easy! Check out the list of ingredients below and simple single step to making this recipe a reality for your holiday weekend!


- 2-3 lbs of meatballs (Jerrad uses Kirkland Signature, shown below)

- 1 bottle of Welch Grape Jelly

- 2 bottles of Heinz chili sauce


Set crock pot on low and cook for 2 hours.

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