San Juan Seltzer July 4th Recipes: That's Na'Cho Cheese

This week, Softy and Dick Fain are welcoming listeners to share their best Fourth of July recipes and one entry will receive $50 to the San Juan Seltzery. Join the fun by emailing your recipe and photos of the dish to

Today, Ben Weldon submitted "That's Na'cho Cheese", a perfect dip for chips over the fourth. Check out the ingredients, process and photo below!


Kraft Velveeta: Cheese- 16 Oz, comes in loaf form

1 bag of 4-Cheese Mexican blend (can be any brand)

1 stick of cream cheese, 8oz

1 can of Campbell's cheddar cheese soup

1/2 pound ground beef

1 can (8oz) of refried beans (can be any brand)

1 green pepper

1 small can (4oz) of diced jalapenos

1 pack taco seasoning


1. The night before, brown the beef with the taco seasoning, let it set in the fridge overnight

2. The next day, on the stove-top, when ready, sauté with a little oil the green pepper diced up. When a bit tender, drain the liquid first and add the can of jalapenos, then add the beef (which sat overnight) and refried beans. Sauté all of that until the beef has heated up again. Remove and put in the crock-pot on low

3. In the same pot you sauteed step 2, don't clean, and add the can of soup with a cup of water, then all the cheeses. Be sure to dice the Velveeta - do all this on low-med heat to not burn the cheese - it is done when it is all melted and melded together. Then add to the crock-pot

4. Mix everything in the crock-pot and keep on low. Best to sit in the pot before serving 2 hours or so to get all the love to mix, stir occasionally

Enjoy! Thank you for the recipe, Ben!

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