San Juan Seltzer July 4th Recipes: Bacon Explosion

This week, Softy and Dick Fain are welcoming listeners to share their best Fourth of July recipes and one entry will receive $50 to the San Juan Seltzery. Join the fun by emailing your recipe and photos of the dish to

Today, John from Edmonds submitted "The Bacon Explosion", which he makes every July 4th. Check out the ingredients, process and photos below!


~20 strips of your favorite thick cut bacon

2 Lb of bulk (not links) hot Italian sausage

2-3T of your favorite BBQ spice rub

1 cup of your favorite sweet BBQ sauce


1) Weave the raw bacon into a 7x7 strip lattice, cook the rest until crispy and chop into bits

2) Smoosh the sausage evenly across the bacon-weave

3) Dust the sausage evenly with the spice rub

4) Evenly distribute the bacon bits onto the sausage

5) Sauce it up!

6) Using the weave like a sushi rolling mat, carefully roll the sausage up, then wrap the weave around the pork-torpedo (porkpedo?). Adjust the strips that may have moved during the smooshing process. Tuck in the ends so it looks tidy. You might want to pin it closed with toothpicks.

7) Smoke it for 2-3 hours at 225f. You can also grill it on indirect heat or bake it on a wire rack if you don't have a grill.

8) 30 minutes before it comes off the grill, glaze with BBQ sauce

9) When it hits 165f internal temp, pull and rest for 10-20 minutes

10) Slice into 3/4" rounds & serve on a sweet Hawaiian role with more sauce. Feel free to add your favorite cheese.

As John says, bring this to your next cookout and become a legend amongst the guests! Thank you John!

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