Kyle Lewis: A Reckless Medical Evaluation

Rip off the band-aid.

Seriously, rip it off. Maybe we've not given the injury the perfect amount of time to heal, but I've seen enough evidence that whatever is beneath that band-aid can't be as festered as the gaping holes in the Mariner offense.

Kyle Lewis has only had 28 at bats with the Rainiers, but he's the only player in the top two levels of the Mariners organization that is presently crushing the baseball. Lewis homered for the third time Tuesday night, doubled and drove in five. The Mariners have driven in two runs in two games while in Toronto. So, let's do it. Let's call him up. The big league team needs a spark and currently looks like it has a better chance solving time travel than run production consistency. Lewis seems ready to help.

He can be babied. That's what the DH is for. Bryce Harper hurt his elbow and can't throw, so the Phillies took him off the field and he's thriving in his new job as a full-time baseball masher. So, call Kyle up. Resist the temptation to put him in the outfield, red-light him on the basepaths, slot him in the middle of the order, and let's see if he can't help jumpstart an offense that has apparently set up a weekly meeting to be shut out. "The kids have piano lessons every Monday. Jerry has bowling league Thursdays. Oh, and every Tuesday we get shut out by a rival major league pitcher."

Like I said, let's get that band-aid off.

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