State of Seattle Football - A complete look at the Seahawks with EVERYBODY

It was an action packed show with all of the top sports minds in Seattle talking about the Seahawks. From how the 2021 season went to what's in store for the future, it was all on the table.

The first segment of the show on Chuck and Buck featured Chuck, Bucky, Hugh Millen, Softy, Puck, Gregg Bell, and Ian Furness. That starts at the very beginning of the full podcast.

The second segment of the show (which starts around 1hour and 20 minutes in) features Softy, Dick, Mike Holmgren, Jim Moore, Ian Furness, and Michael Shawn-Dugar.

Everything is on the table: Russell Wilson... Up-and-coming stars... Jamal Adams... Pete Carroll... Defensive Staff... If it's a topic, you'll hear about it!

Here is the full hour. You can play it below:

And here are the links for the individual hours:

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