Make a Play for a Healthy Heart with Virginia Mason Franciscan Health

Make a Play for Your Health Podcast

Episode 1: Heart Health with Tyler Lockett, JT Brown and Dr. Gopi Dandamudi

February 1, 2022

iHeartMedia with the Seattle Kraken and Virginia Mason Franciscan Health is encouraging fans to “Make a Play for a Healthy Heart” during the month of February. The focus of the campaign is to educate fans on how to maintain a healthy heart by monitoring cholesterol and blood pressure with an annual wellness visit, improving dietary habits and exercise, , and to fundraise for the Healthy Heart Fund in support of the vital work at the Center for Cardiovascular Health at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health.

To begin the month, iHeartRadio with Virginia Mason Franciscan Health is proud to launch the podcast series “Make a Play for Your Health”. Moderated by Everett Fitzhugh, Kraken Audio Network play-by-play announcer, episode one, “Heart Health”, is an honest and sincere conversation between Seahawks standout receiver, NFL Man of the Year and Seattle Sports Star of the Year candidate, Tyler Lockett, Root Sports Kraken television analyst and former NHL player, JT Brown, and VMFH cardiologist, Dr. Gopi Dandamudi. The discussion dives into Tyler Lockett’s heart scare, insight into exercise regiments for two very different types of professional athlete, and advice for the average person to improve their heart health and reduce risk for heart disease.

Throughout the month of November, iHeartRadio and the Kraken Audio Network is inviting listeners to be playmakers in the fight against heart disease by donating and bidding to win Kraken game tickets and a ride on the Zamboni. Those who donate $9.50 or more will receive a free skate at the Kraken Community Iceplex to exercise their heart. Donations and bids can be made at

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, but everyone can lower their risk. By educating our local population on maintaining and achieving a healthy heart, iHeart, the Kraken and Virginia Mason Franciscan Health can save lives.

Listen to the full episode here:

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