Shockey's Social 6 at Chambers Bay!

Before we get to the videos and pictures, a few things...

Social 6 at Chambers Bay is an AWESOME chance for everyone to play six holes at Chambers Bay Golf Course.

You'll enjoy a few drinks courtesy of the fine folks at Chambers Bay Distillery, a chance to hit the range and get warmed up (under the watchful eye of Ryan Young, the Chambers Bay Head Pro, who might have some tips for you), and then six holes on one of the finest golf courses in America!

CLICK HERE to see the next few dates for the Social 6 (including the next one on July 27!).

(Note... this was actually a 5-iron, but the point stands!)

On to the 18th hole (which felt like it was about 4 miles long).

Decided to give the driver a shot and... it did not go well.

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