Frustrated Russell Wilson - Pro Football Focus tells a more complete story

Getty Images: Wild Card Round - Rams vs Seahawks

We have spoken with Steve Palazzolo every Tuesday all season but there might not have been a better day to have him on all year than today!

The man in charge of Pro Football Focus and part of the PFF NFL Podcast spoke with Ian about all of the comments and questions that are floating around right now with Russell Wilson.

How many of the "almost 400 sacks" have been Russell Wilson's responsibility? How bad has the Seahawks offensive line actually been during Russell's tenure?

Listen to the podcast and you just might learn something! Also, don't miss another Steve Palazzolo's interviews with Ian every Tuesday at 1:20pm (including great lead-ups to the NFL draft over the next few months!)

You can listen to this interview with Steve Palazzolo with these links below, too:

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