Seattle Mariners: Preheat Stove

Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics

The World Series hasn't started, and I'm already thinking about "Stove". God, I'm sick.

With MLB intending to run a second consecutive expanded playoff format in 2021, I've already predicted the Mariners to end the playoff drought next year. But that means Jerry has work to do.

So, while we're all watching the Fall Classic, just know that I have Stove preheated for a series of dishes I hope Jerry Dipoto prepares for us this offseason.



Kyle Seager knocked in a team-high 40 runs and posted a 122 OPS+ during a 60-game season. And due to his continued selfless leadership amid a rebuilding project that he undoubtedly never endorsed, he's re-established himself as a valued member of the organization. But did Seager also re-establish his trade value? The cold hard truth of things is that the Mariners wouldn't mind finding a buyer. Certainly easier said than done...

After a year of dramatically decreased revenue, MLB owners won't exactly be jumping at the opportunity to sign a 32-year old third baseman making $19-million. And I doubt John Stanton is of a mind to eat millions for the chance to land a better prospect in trade. Still, I suspect Dipoto will be listening. With a 35-year old Justin Turner reaching free agency, perhaps the Dodgers would be interested in a younger, more durable third sacker, who just happens to share the same Mom and Dad as their shortstop.


In case you're not an unflappable baseball nerd like me, allow me to introduce you to Ha-Seong Kim. The 25-year old Korean sensation has been posted and is all but clear to sign in America years before most Asian stars are allowed. Kim prefers shortstop, but he's played plenty of third base, which fits perfectly the modern day needs of the position (they end up playing a lot of "shortstop" due to the shift) and the Mariners organizational void for a future at the hot corner. Kim has speed, legit power (not just pop) and an upside someone is going to pay $10 million per year for the opportunity to untap. I don't know about you, but I'm in on Kim, even if it means moving Seager to DH during his final season as a Mariner.

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