Jamal Adams Special Feltsulator Season Results

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What would happen if we ran the 2020 Seattle Seahawks regular season through the Feltsulator with Jamal Adams? The simulated season concluded yesterday with Bradley McDougald at safety and the team finished 11-5. How much better are they with Adams? Check out the Feltsulator results here!

With McDougald:

  • 11-5 record (losses to New England, San Francisco, at Philadelphia, at Washington, and at San Francisco)
  • 346 points scored against (21.6 per game)
  • 5,586 total yards against (349.1 per game)
  • 3,962 passing yards against (247.6 per game)
  • 1,624 rushing yards against (101.5 per game)

With Adams:

  • 14-2 record (losses to Minnesota and San Francisco) 👍
  • 351 points against (21.9 per game) 👎
  • 5,362 total yards against (335.1 per game) 👍
  • 3,919 passing yards against (244.9 per game) 👍
  • 1,442 rushing yards against (90.1 per game) 👍

Verdict: Clearly, despite the fact that Seattle gave up FIVE more total points over the 16 games, the team was overall much, much better with Jamal Adams at safety. To the point that the 11-5 record became 14-2, likely moving the team from a Wild Card spot to the #1 overall seed in the NFC entering the playoffs. We also see that the passing yards against per game dropped by three while the rushing yards per game fell by nearly 12! If (when) the Feltsulator proves to be accurate, the two first round picks will be well worth the price if the team can then ascend to Super Bowl LV.

Game-By-Game Breakdown:


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