A 60-game MLB season. You kidding me?

Seattle Mariners Summer Workouts

A 60-game MLB season. You kidding me? Shocking, but I'm excited for it, anxious about whether or not we'll get it in. I have a lot of goals between now and opening day...

1) Don't get sick

2) Don't get anyone else sick

3) Watch a lot of House

4) Maintain my 3-martini minimum on Martini Fridays

5) Find several million in cash mysteriously jammed between my couch cushions

6) Be patient

7) Be kind

8) Watch some live sporting events

And (9) Craft my ideal 2020 Opening Day Mariner lineup...

Let's start from the bottom of the list...

1) 2B Shed Long. Sorry Dee. It's Shed's time. Excited to see him play.

2) SS JP Crawford. He actually hit the weight room this offseason. Will it be obvious?

3) 3B Kyle Seager. 198 career HR. Rest of the lineup: 83.

4) C Tom Murphy. More power than you realize. Placeholder for J-Rod or Lewis

5) DH Daniel Vogelbach. Although I'm going to give Mallex plenty of DH AB's

6) RF Kyle Lewis. Showing great promise. But let's not make him a #4 hitter just yet.

7) LF Jake Fraley. Bjorn Ironside ready for everyday MLB at-bats

8) 1B Evan White. Conservative starting position but destined to move up

9) CF Mallex Smith. But for how long?

Which leads me to....

The Mariner lineup I hope to see most in 2020...

1) CF Jered Kelenic. Seriously. Let's just stick him in there and see what he can do.

2) 1B Evan White. Told you I was going to move him up

3) 2B Shed Long. This means he's been hitting with too much pop to lead him off.

4) C Tom Murphy. Ol Blue Eyes holds onto the 4-hole for one season in his career.

5) 3B Kyle Seager. The spot he's held for most of the last few seasons.

6) RF Kyle Lewis. Needs to play everyday, but no rush to move him into the heart.

7) LF Jake Fraley. Hit, Jake, and you'll stay in the lineup.

8) SS JP Crawford. Needs to hit RHers to stay near the top of the lineup.

9) DH Mallex Smith. I think I know what Vogey is. Would rather see more of Smith.

Next up: my Mariner lineup for Opening Day 2021.

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