Tod Leiweke: "We're going to be patient on a return for the NBA"

Yesterday was the debut of "Tuesday's with Tod Leiweke," and the CEO and president of the future NHL team in Seattle gave us a sneak peak at what to expect on the new design of the arena. 

"You should expect an absolute beautiful venue... The interior is going to be spectacular. We're in the process of signing one of the great artists of the world."

One of the biggest concerns for hockey fans is the affordability of tickets. Leiweke reiterated that will not be a problem. 

"There's going to be plenty of seats under 50 dollars in this building."

As far as team names and colors, Leiweke hesitated about going into the details, but said they will be ready by next spring. The NHL Seattle group said they also found a practice facility location. 

Leiweke said for those waiting on a return for the NBA you will need to patient. 

"We're then going to be patient, we're not going to be presumptuous about the NBA, but we are going to have a building ready for when they are ready to come... We are going to have the welcome mat out."  

Check out Softy's full interview with Leiweke below! 

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