Brandon Marshall Beats Richard Sherman!

"Touchdown Seahawks! Brandon Marshall beats Richard Sherman!"

Close your eyes and imagine seeing that later this season when Seattle faces the 49ers in Santa Clara. Actually, don't. Because you can see (somewhat) what it would look like here, with the help of Photoshop and some creative listeners!

We enlisted our 950 KJR Twitter followers and listeners to take a photo of Brandon Marshall in a New York Jets uniform beating Richard Sherman in a Seattle Seahawks uniform and use their Photoshop skills to change Sherman to a 49er and Marshall into a Seahawks receiver, because the team signed Marshall earlier this week.

Here is the original photo, then below, see the many tweets from listeners that came close, but did not win the prize of $25 to Georgetown Brewery.

And now... (drum roll)... here is the great photoshop job by Tony Williams that won!

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