K.J. Wright on New NFL Anthem Rules

Seattle Seahawks Linebacker K.J. Wright joined Jason Puckett and Mike Gastineau today to talk about a variety of topics including the new controversial national anthem rules in the NFL. Before you hear from Wright, read Roger Goodell's release outlining all the new rules surrounding the National Anthem.

The NFL Players Association then responded to the NFL and Roger Goodell.

In the interview on Wednesday between Wright, Puck, and Gas, which you can listen to below, the Hawks linebacker said the following: "It's crazy. I believe that to keep everything nice and easy, players should just stay in the locker room. If they want to make such a big deal out of it, maybe guys as a team should just stay in the locker room. Do it how they did, I believe like 10 years ago, 15 years ago, players didn't even come out for the anthem.  I believe that the union is going to go back and forth with them and we should just all stay in the locker room."

Wright was asked a few questions later if the new rule would create any potential conflict between players on teams. He responded, "I think we gotta get this issue resolved before the season so that everyone is on the same page...We gotta figure out our game-plan before the season even starts and we're going to go forward as a team so it doesn't become an issue. And guys are going to respect each other's decisions and we're all going to be on one accord."

Listen to all of Wright's thoughts on the new anthem rule, kickoff rule, and playing under Ken Norton again, here.

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