Russell Wilson Finds New Alter Ego

Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson is.... unique. From claiming that "nano-bubbles" can help treat traumatic brain injuries, to his robotic press conference nature that have had others nicknaming him the "robot", to being the NFL's most elusive quarterback and one of the best playing the game today, Russell Wilson is both loved and questioned.

Wilson does not shy away from social media. In fact, he embraces it, working on an app that better connects fans to athletes. Now he could be up to some new venture again, this time, revolving around #Unlimited. Sorry, that's UNLIMITED. He's calling MR. UNLIMITED his new alter ego and applying it to all parts of his life, it seems.

Check out the somewhat uncomfortable videos below and tell us what you think of them on Twitter, @JasonPuckett20, @gasman206, and @JacksonKJR.

Hosts Jason Puckett and Mike Gastineau played and reacted to the audio from these Russell Wilson videos during the first hour of today's show, which you can listen to at the link below starting at 12:25.

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