Argentina's Hilarious World Cup Manual

Argentina soccer, led by Lionel Messi, is one of the top countries in the world and will compete at the World Cup in Russia starting in just under a month. Ahead of travelling to Russia, a Russian language teacher named Eduardo Pennisi met with Argentinian players, coaches, and executives to prepare them for the Russian culture, using a manual.

Before the Argentine Football Association could take away the manuals, which included a chapter you'll read about shortly, one reporter captured an original copy so we could all read about how to pick up and score with Russian women at the World Cup. 

Deadspin's Tim Burke was kind enough to translate the chapter that the AFA removed...

In response to the leak, the Argentine Football Association made a statement. Thanks to Google translate, here is a rough translation of what Dr. Alejandro Taraborelli said in response...

"The Department of Education of the Argentine Football Association informs that after an internal investigation carried out regarding what happened yesterday on the day of Russian Language and Culture, it was concluded that part of the material delivered was erroneously printed. The teacher in charge of the course selected information to give to the assistants and, unfortunately at the moment of the printing of the same, due to an involuntary error, a text was included that was never part of the training. Warned by the administrative staff of the Department, they proceeded to withdraw it immediately. We regret that this mistake has overshadowed the importance of the day and the permanent educational activity provided by AFA, expressing our most sincere apologies to those who were affected by the publication, which in no way reflects the thinking of the Argentine Football Association, nor that of its President Claudio Tapia or any of its directors."

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