Seahawks offensive line poised for a break-out year?

During last year's off-season, Seattle tried to patch an already depleted offensive line by signing veteran Luke Joeckel and starting rookie guard, Ethan Pocic. Tackle, George Fant also missed the entire season with an ACL injury and Seattle eventually traded for veteran left tackle, Duane Brown. According to Pro Football Focus, last season the Seahawks ranked 27 under the zone-blocking scheme. 

Former NFL offensive lineman, Ross Tucker, who's currently an analyst for NBC Sports and Westwood One Sports, joined The Ian Furness Show and said there needs to be more consistency on the offensive line.

"I think you got to stop moving (Germaine) Ifedi around, and I think (Mike) Solari can help there. I think (Ethan) Pocic should be better in year two, really in year two at that position since he played center at LSU." 

New Offensive Line Coach Mike Solari along with Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer are likely to tweak the offensive line scheme. Tucker added that Solari's experience with D.J. Fluker in New York could help the Seahawks in becoming an improved offensive line group. 

"We'll see what happens with Fluker. Solari has some experience with him. I've seen some videos and (Fluker) is definitely in the best shape he's been in. His lateral agility has always been an issue in pass protection, which is why I don't think he's a great fit at tackle, but he's so massive at guard, he's very physical and ornery. The (Seahawks) have a chance to have an actually average to above-average group, which would be the first time in a long time." 

Perhaps, the biggest off-season story continues to center around Free Safety Earl Thomas and if the Seahawks should extend or trade Thomas. Tucker said the Seahawks should trade Thomas, while they can still get a good deal in return. 

"I think the (Seahawks) recognize the likelihood that they are championship caliber team this year is not real good. If you look at it through that prism, and you look at (Thomas') contract and you think how much longer he's going to be around, you're probably better off trying to get something in return for him now. That's what the Patriots would do. " 

Tucker said this could lead to the Seahawks drafting defensive players in the early rounds of the NFL draft. 

"In the draft I would think the (Seahawks) would go defense, at least high in the draft. I wouldn't be surprised if they still pick up another running back at some point because it's a pretty good running back draft, but I think they feel pretty decent about their receivers. I think this is probably, ironically, the best (offensive line) that they had a chance to have in a while now that their defense has been totally gutted on some level with some of the core guys. They feel Russell and the guys they have on offense are good enough to get it done."

You can catch the entire interview with Tucker by clicking on the clip above or on the podcast page, here.

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