For the record...My Sweet 16 picks

How's the bracket looking?  That question each year is always relative depending on the amount of carnage that occurs in the first week of the tournament.  This year having 6 out of the 16 left is actually better than having 10 of the 16 left in some years.  If you add up the seeds of all 16 teams remaining it actually is the third highest number in tourney history.

So with 3 of my final four still alive I'm pretty happy.  Arizona hurt me badly but Villanova, Duke and the Zags are still rolling and I through two games nothing is deterring me from my confidence that they won't continue to win.  Of the three though, Villanova has the clearest path.  WVA will give them a game but the great thing about the Cats is that they never throw up a stinker.  The worst they throw out is a B- game and that is good enough to beat almost every team in the country.  I'm sticking with them to win the title.

Duke is my second most confident pick.  They should have little problem with the Cuse zone.  Not only do they see it all the time, they actually play it themselves!   That would set up a clash of the bluebloods with Kansas in the regional final.  Give me the elite NBA talent of Duke in that one. 

The left side of the bracket has been mush.  There isn't a 1 or a 2 seed left standing.  But someone has to come out of those regions.  I think Gonzaga and Michigan are the clear class of the West region and that is an absolute toss up Elite 8 game.  If the Zags stay relatively turnover free and don't give up offensive rebounds and 2nd chance points to a very athletic FSU team they should advance.   I'll stick with my original pick of the Zags to come out of that region but that miracle Michigan 3 against Houston may be what keeps Gonzaga from their 2nd straight final four. 

The South region should be Kentucky's.  Atlanta will be swarming with Cats fans and the home court advantage not to mention Kentucky's talent advantage should be enough for them to get through.  I do like a Loyola upset of Nevada as Sister Jean continues to roll.

It will be fun to see what the final four brings, I have a hard time seeing any team except Villanova and Duke winning the whole thing but I'm looking forward to being there with D-Watts next Thursday and Friday hosting a show from 6-8pm, check it out!

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