Seahawks shopping Sherman, Thomas likely staying in Seattle

It's been a busy day for the Seahawks filled with trade reports and rumors buzzing. Earlier today, reports said Michael Bennett and a seventh round draft pick are headed to the Philadelphia Eagles, in exchange for a fifth round draft pick and wide receiver Marcus Johnson. There were also several reports that Richard Sherman could be traded or cut. 

NFL Media Insider from the NFL Network, Ian Rapoport, joined The Ian Furness Show to help clear up some of the speculation, regarding Sherman and other core defenders. 

“They’re going to try and trade (Sherman). In this situation, considering the obstacles they will have, (Sherman) is older, he’s got a big salary, and he’s injured. He’s probably not going to be able to play until at least June. Will they be able to trade him? Probably not. The expectations are still that he’s not going to be on the team next year. Theoretically, he could be released and try to find the best deal and come back to the Seahawks and say, 'can you match this?'”

Added Rapoport: “(The Seahawks are) probably not going to re-do his contract. I would say more likely for him is to see what his price from other (teams are) and then say, ‘here’s my value.’ He’s Richard Sherman, so somebody might want to pay him a lot of money just to play next year. He might say 'the best I’m getting is six million dollars, the Seahawks offered me this, and I’m going to come back to Seattle for this. We’ve seen that before.”'

The 29-year-old All-Pro Corner is coming off an Achilles injury and set to make $11 million in base salary with a $13.2 million cap-hit in 2018. 

Another key defender with one year left on his contract is All-Pro Safety Earl Thomas. The 28-year-old is also looking for a contract extension and Rapoport said Thomas is a high priority for the Seahawks. 

“Could they trade him? I guess anything is possible if they get a first rounder, maybe they could. From my understanding they want (Thomas) to be a part of the team and want to extend him.  I had one person in the know say, ‘he’s our best player.’ I would be surprised if Earl goes anywhere, I know he’s in (Seattle’s) plans for next year.”

There is also Strong Safety Kam Chancellor, who at 29-years-old, battled injuries last year, including a pinched nerve. Rapoport said his future with the Seahawks is up in the air, but he has his doubts.  

"(Chancellor is) rehabbing and he’s trying to play. I would say at this point the hope is (he plays), but the expectations are that he doesn’t.  I doubt from the reports I’ve seen that he’s going to be able to (play)."

The Bennett trade unfolded in a unique way. Rapoport said three teams were interested in Bennett, including the Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, and the New England Patriots. Ultimately, Seattle came to an agreement with the Eagles, but Rapoport said the Patriots made an interesting and competitive offer. 

"The patriots came in and offered, and I believe it was a third and fifth (round draft pick). I believe a swap of a three and a five. The issue was, as far as I’m told, (Seattle) basically had a deal with the Eagles. The patriots came in, and the Seahawks considered this, but I think the Seahawks are honorable people. When you have a deal with someone it’s hard to go back on that and I think that’s what they ended up doing."

If you missed the interview with Rapoport, click on the podcast above or check it out on the podcast page, here.

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