Safeco Field Changes for 2018

The 2018 Seattle Mariners season may look a little different at Safeco Field. Not only are some players on the field new, but the actual field they are playing on will be different, as the club replaced all of Safeco's grass and dirt for the first time since the ballpark opened in 1999. There are, however, much more noticeable changes that fans can look forward to in 2018 that the team announced today.

According to the Mariners, depending on the day of the week, one concession item at the ballpark will be 50% off. Items include hot dogs, to pizza, to coke, and other options. No word yet on if the exact days for each item, but fans can look forward to better prices for certain food on a given day each week at the ballpark. And who doesn't want cheaper stadium food?

Next up, and perhaps the most exciting news, is more options for $6 beer at Safeco. The beer, 12 oz in size, will now be available at 14 locations including The Pen, Good Hops, Sultan of Suds, and more. There was no word on the brand of these $6 beers, but the price comes in at an incredibly low beer price, compared to other stadiums.

A few other positive changes include fans being able to bring in one 32 oz clear and plastic water bottle per person, new fan entry points at Home Plate, Right, and Left Field, and increased staff at entrances that "will speed up lines and get all fans into the ballpark quicker and easier."

There is one change, however, that has some fans up in arms...

As the Mariners explain, "previously, fans could scan in and out multiple times with the same ticket, which added to congestion at gates. Eliminating re-entry will reduce the number of people going through gates, speeding up the process for everyone."

What this also means is that on giveaway days such as bobbleheads, Kuma Bear Hat Nights, and more, fans will not be able to go in early to collect the giveaway item, leave the stadium to get food at a restaurant like Jimmy's on First, then go back in to the game around the time of first pitch. If you enter and then leave the stadium, you can't come back in.

There are dozens of replies to the Mariners' tweet much like Andrew and Adam that are very against the no-re-entry decision that was announced today. Will the club reconsider the decision to appease the fans? Who knows.

Another polarizing decision the Mariners have made this season is to bring back the jerseys that some hate and others love...

Will you be going on June 30th? Single game tickets are already on sale.

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