Mike Holmgren: Solari right move, puzzled by Richard

The Seahawks coaching staff will look vastly different in the 2018 season, with the exception of one familiar face. Seattle finally made it official, hiring their major assistants, including offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr., and offensive line coach Mike Solari. Solari worked under Holmgren as the offensive line coach in 2008 for the Seahawks, which was Holmgren's last year with the team. 

Mike Holmgren joined The Ian Furness Show and had high praise for Solari. 

"No, he's really good, I mean he's really good. I coached against him all those year when he was with Kansas City and then he was with the 49ers. I've always admired him, I've known him for a long time. He just happened to be there when I made a change on the offensive line and he came in and unfortunately I was just with him one year. That's a good one, that is really a good one, he'll make those guys better, there's not a doubt in my mind." 

Norton Jr. is reunited with a Seahawks defense that faced mounting injuries last season and an aging core unit with Kam Chancellor, Cliff Avril, and Michael Bennett. Holmgren said he's puzzled that the Seahawks hired Norton Jr. as the new defensive coordinator. 

"My question was, if you're going to do this, why didn't this happen the last time because he wanted to be the coordinator. Pete picked (Richard) over (Norton Jr.), but then (Norton Jr.) went on to another place. But what's changed, what's different now? I'm not a big fan of the moves, this one really I don't get. It's hard for me to wrap my hands around this one. He was handicapped player wise because of the injuries, I don't think anyone would argue that. He had nothing to do with the way the offense started games and played. This happens too, there's a personality thing that takes place, that has very little do with the stats on the field. Now, I don't know that, but I've seen it happen before. On the surface, this one, I didn't understand it." 

Norton Jr. was the linebackers coach for the Seahawks from 2010-2014, before the Raiders hired him as the defensive coordinator in 2015. 

You can listen to Holmgren's full interview with Furness, here, or in the full hour

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