Russell Wilson nursing sore jaw after shot from Karlos Dansby

Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals

RENTON -- A ridiculous instagram video posted by Russell Wilson on Monday showed the Seahawks quarterback wearing a swim cap, goggles and a clear mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece was a part of the regiment Wilson went through the realign his jaw after a shot to the mouth from Arizona Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby last Thursday night. 

"I can halfway speak now so I'm good to talk to you guys. I got a few extra days," Wilson said on Friday.

Wilson said he was sore through the weekend and it hurt to talk. Additionally, he struggled to eat and was forced to turn to smoothies instead. With a week having elapsed since the game, Wilson said he's feeling more normal again.

"I'm good. I'm fine. It's good," Wilson said. "I got tons of meds and everything else, so I'm good now. ... It just kind of reset my jaw, had to reset it again and (I'm) good to go. I may be talking out of the side of my mouth for the rest of the year, but I'm all right."

Wilson was taken for X-rays after the hit to see if the blow had caused a fracture in his jaw. The scans came back clean, but Wilson said it wouldn't have taken much more for a break to have occurred.

"I was lucky. It was pretty close," Wilson said. "The doctor was like 'man, any harder and we probably would have had to wire your mouth shut.' So that was a good thing that didn't happen."

Referee Walt Anderson sent Wilson off the field to get checked for a concussion. Wilson returned to the field after just one play after he appeared to tell sideline personnel "I'm fine" while quickly bolting from the sideline medical tent to return to the game.

Wilson was subsequently checked again after the series concluded. He remained on the field to finish the rest of the victory over Arizona. The NFL has launched an inquiry into the incident to determine whether concussion protocol was correctly followed by the Seahawks.

"The league's got to do what they got to do," Wilson said. "Obviously, it's really important for player safety and everything like that. I was completely fine. My jaw just got busted up pretty good, as you guys can see. We're cooperating and doing everything we can to make sure we're doing it the right way. That's how we always try to do it so that's all."

Wilson and head coach Pete Carroll have both been rather mum on the details of discussions with the league about the incident. 

"The medical staff and the training staff is working on that stuff and as we progress we will let you know when we can. We don’t have any other information for you," Carroll said.

Injury Report:

Photo Credit: GLENDALE, AZ - NOVEMBER 09: Quarterback Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks is sacked by strong safety Antoine Bethea #41 of the Arizona Cardinals in the first half of the NFL game at University of Phoenix Stadium on November 9, 2017 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

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