Dick Fain's Research on 1-Loss Teams in the CFP

Here are the the Facts behind a 1 loss conference champ making or missing the CFP: 

In 2014- Alabama-1 loss conf champ, Oregon-1 loss conf champ, FSU-0, OSU-1 loss conf champ were the final 4 teams…All 3 1 loss teams won their conference title game, the 1 loss teams that missed out were both from the Big 12. Baylor and TCU who did not have a conference title game to play in. 

In 2015- Clemson-0, Alabama- 1 loss conf champ, Michigan St-1 conf champ , OU- 1—1 loss teams- Iowa (lost conf title game), Ohio State (DNP) In 2016- Alabama-0, Clemson 1 loss conf champ, OSU- 1 loss no champ, UW(1 loss conf champ) —1 loss teams- 0  

So in summary, your 1 loss teams that have not gotten to the final 4 from power five conferences are Baylor and TCU in 2014 with no title game to play, Iowa and OSU in 2015 who lost (in Iowa’s case) and did not play (In OSU’s case) in the conf title game….thats it!

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